Sun Warrior Vegan Collagen Reviews – is it really vegan?


Sunwarrior is a health supplement company that strives to promote wellness by using all-natural ingredients to counter the damage done by everyday pollutants and processed foods.

They believe that the best way for us to replenish our collagen levels is not to take supplements containing animal-sourced forms of it, but to consume more of the things that stimulate our bodies own collagen production increasing the amount we make naturally.

Sunwarrior vegan collagen-building peptides offer a solution to youthful-looking skin suitable for everyone, no matter their dietary requirements.

In this Sunwarrior Collagen Review, I will be looking at my experience with Sunwarriors vegan vanilla collagen-building peptides. What the reviews have to say.

And importantly, diving into the ingredients list to answer the question ‘are they really vegan?’

What is inside Sunwarrior Vegan Collagen?

Before we do anything else, let's check the ingredients.

Below is the complete list of ingredients for the Tahitian vanilla flavour.

  • Proprietary beauty blend (organic pea protein, organic brown rice peptides, organic whole sea buckthorn, organic tremella mushroom extract, organic kale, organic spinach, organic amla extract, hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract, organic spirulina, organic sesbania extract)
  • Organic vanilla flavour,
  • Organic guar gum
  • Organic soluble rice bran,
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic stevia extract (steviol glycosides)
  • Organic green banana,
  • MCT oil (coconut oil)
  • Organic monkfruit extract
  • Trace minerals

As you can see, everything inside is vegan, dairy-free, and Keto friendly. So no need to worry about any conflicts on that front.

Not only does the product satisfy strict dietary requirements, but the ingredients are packed full of health benefits too.


Hyaluronic Acid: promotes collagen production for smoother skin. (1)

Biotin: ensures stronger hair, skin and nails by boosting cell growth. (2)

Kale and Spinach: contain the right vitamins and antioxidants to aid collagen production. (3)

Amla and Sea Buckthorn: provide the vitamin C necessary for collagen synthesis. (3)

Tremella Mushroom: Revitalises skin, and helps with cell regeneration. (4)

Bamboo: contains Silica, vital for healthy hair, bones and nails. (5)

Spirulina: an almighty protein source, made up primarily of amino acids. (6)

Rice peptides: nourish skin from the inside, and act as the foundation of collagen production. (7)

Sunwarrior Vegan Collagen Reviews


Looking at product Sunwarrior Collagen Reviews on Amazon, they seem pretty mixed. Currently averaging 3.6 out of 5. Not great. Not terrible either.

Although, over half of all reviewers on Amazon left a promising 5-stars. Some saying it tastes great, while others insist it can’t be tasted when mixed with other foods. Having taken the supplement, both are claims I have difficulty getting to grips with.

While a couple of people admit to not taking the product for long enough to see results yet, others have claimed vast improvements in their skin, nails, and surprisingly, joints. Having taken the supplements myself for a couple of months, this is one finding I can definitely relate to.


Now for the 1-star reviews. Here there is a resounding cry of ‘chemical smell’ and ‘disgusting taste’, which was slightly more in line with my own experience when you compare it to the hyper positive 5-star reviewers.

In fact, this complaint is the common theme through all but the 5-star reviews. However, I failed to find anyone that said the product didn’t work for them.

It looks like, if you can tolerate the taste for long enough, you might just see results.

My Experience with Sunwarrior Vegan Collagen

I’m all about finding natural ways to improve my skin, so I was excited to try these out for myself. At $34.95 for 20 servings, I considered it a pretty small price to pay for ageless skin.

Much like the Sunwarrior Reviews warned, upon opening the case, I was hit with a concerning and not very vanilla-like chemical odour. But still, maybe they tasted great?

First impressions of the taste were not great, to say the least. Super sickly sweet, with a strong note of my least favourite flavour, liquorice.

The packaging states you can mix the powder in with your favourite beverage. So, not one to be beaten, I added it to my morning coffee, which helped. As time went on, the smell and taste did improve. I still wouldn’t say I enjoyed the flavour, but it became palatable at least.

October 2020 Update:

Sun Warrior have updated their Vanilla Flavor and I am really impressed. There is no chemical odour at all and it now tastes natural and delicous.

Sunwarrior Vegan Collagen Results

Despite a disappointing start with the flavour, I carried on in the hope that the results would make up for the taste.

Sunwarrior vegan collagen supplements boost your health by putting the right things into your body.

This boost then shines through to the outside improving appearance. So it takes a while for results to become visible. It is recommended to stick with collagen supplements for around 4 weeks before expecting to see any benefits.

I continued for around 6 weeks, and in that time I did see some improvements in my skin. I wanted to smooth out some fine lines, and have always struggled with dull, tired-looking skin.

After consistently taking the supplement for a while I noticed my face was more hydrated, I looked more well-rested despite not sleeping any more than usual. I’ve even seen some subtle improvement in the bags under my eyes that I thought were permanent.

Another, unexpected benefit, was that my joints feel more supple. I was under the impression that the aches and pains I’d become accustomed to were just unavoidable signs of ageing. I’m pretty impressed that just a few weeks of this supplement can make such a difference.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a natural, plant-based collagen solution then Sunwarrior’s Collagen option is a pretty good one. 

Granted, it doesn’t taste amazing, but is that really why you’re taking it anyway?

Unlike many other collagen supplements on the market, they are 100% suitable for vegans and are comparatively inexpensive.

If you can handle the taste and are looking for a natural way to a youthful appearance, then they could be a great investment for you.

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  • Hello Claire, would you recommend to use the collagen + their protein powder (classic or blend)… I don’t understand if this collagen is to substitute or complement the others.

    As background, I just became vegan an I’m looking for a protein powder for the first time, I can’t even figure out of I should choose the classic or blend option. Any tips are useful, thank you!

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